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Stripping Shop does sandblasting/plastic media blasting on your Classic automotive restoration project. We are very experienced on the blasting,paint removal,rust removal,chrome removal and protective coatings.

Our Custom Fabricating shop does a large range of projects from off road,utv's,classic to race car,motorcycle's, Sand cars,trailers,etc...
"Give us a vision, we can build it, or strip it!"
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What is Plastic Media Blasting?

Plastic Media Blasting (PMB) is a process for the rapid, economic and safe removal of coatings
from almost any surface without the use of toxic chemical strippers, sandblasting, or hand or mechanical
abrasion methods. The process is similar in principle to sandblasting. However, instead of using hard
silica sand, much softer reusable plastic parcticles are used at low blasting pressures of 14-40 psi.
At these pressures, the plastic media is able to remove coatings without causing damage
to the underlying substrates including aluminum, fiberglass, and even plastics.

Plastic blasting should not to be confused with sandblasting. Sand (or abrasive) blasting, while ideal for
some automotive components, can literally ruin sheet metal. Due to the pressure and heat generated by most
sand-blasting procedures, a car body can be warped beyond repair. Plastic media blasting will not warp
sheetmetal because of the low air pressures used for blasting plastic, and because of
its non-abrasive nature, will not remove any material from the steel sheet metal.

(623) 486-5925 10732 N. 96th Avenue Peoria, AZ 85345